Lovely floral arrangement includes Bird of Paradise

and Red Ginger which commonly grows in many yards.  If you are interested in bringing flowers back home I suggest Bird of Paradise or  Anthuriums (refer to the top picture).  These flowers feel like plastic and are not soft like most flowers.  If you change the water in your vase once a week and trim the long stem 1/2 inch they should last you at least two weeks or more.




                                                                     ABOUT THE PRESENTER

My Hawaiian name is Mahealani which means the "full moon".  I was born in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  I moved to Old Bridge, 
New Jersey 30 years ago.  Hawaii will always be my home and I visit my family as much as possible.  I am proud of my Hawaiian and Portuguese heritage and love to share my culture with others.  If you are thinking about visiting Hawaii, I encourage you to attend one of my lectures.  Contact me and I will tell you if I am presenting in your area.  I have presented at libraries, assisted living facilities, independent living, clubs and various other organizations throughout New Jersey. 
My first program took place in December 2008 at my town’s library.  There were 16 people in the audience and I remember being very nervous.  Today, I am a professional speaker thanks to Toastmasters International.  This organization helps people to improve their communication skills and their ability to effectively speak in front of an audience.  Feel free to contact me for more information about this organization. 

                                                                            HOW I DECIDED TO BECOME A SPEAKER

I lost my job in June 2008 when we were in the recession.   I had a very difficult time finding another job. I decided to volunteer to help seniors at a nearby church.  We had lunch with them, played games, enjoyed hand crafts, and other activities.  I was asked to speak about Hawaii and to my delight, they all enjoyed hearing what I had to say. More importantly, I liked talking to them about my islands.

Since I could not find a job I decided to prepare this lecture, complete with many slides.  The slides are pictures from various Hawaiian calendars.  I also show and speak about many things from Hawaii that I’ve owned for years.  I dance the hula at the end which I think is the perfect way to end my lecture.   I thoroughly enjoy speaking to people because everything I say is very personal to me. My lecture truly comes from my heart and I even talk about my family.

I love to share the ALOHA SPIRIT with my audience.