The children always enjoy learning to dance the hula.  Children like to learn new things and that is what makes them smart.

The children and I are at a library.  I start the program by reading a book about Hawaii.  I love being with children and they have fun also.  My time with them is very special to me

                                             CHILDREN'S HAWAIIAN HISTORY PROGRAM

This one-hour program teaches children ages 5 to 11 years old about the Hawaiian culture.  

I enjoy being with children very much.  I show them several pictures on a large poster.

1.    Teach eighteen Hawaiian words that children can relate to.  We play a game using these

        words.  A list of these words will be given to you so you can make a copy for the children.
2.    Read the children a story from a book that is related to Hawaii.  I like to engage the children in

       the story in a special way so I keep their attention.
3.    Talk about the history of the hula dance.  Teach them a few simple hand movements

        used in the dance.  We will dance to one Hawaiian song together.  
4.    Show them pictures of our islands, the volcano, lei making and other interesting things.

       Explain why an island is different from the mainland, the time difference and talk about our

        still active volcano called, Kilauea Volcano and much more.  This information will be adapted

        to the interest of the specific ages of the children in your group.

                                                  COSTS OF PROGRAM DURING 2016

The cost of the program is $180.00 plus the current mileage rate to cover the round trip miles plus tolls.  
 The cost of the program is subject to change without notice.  After booking  a date with me I will email you a confirmation letter and invoice that you must approve.  You can be assured that I will not increase your costs once I receive your final approval.