I am demonstrating the ipu drum which is a gourd.  Hear about the unique way the Hawaiians blessed their drum which is what you should do before you begin to play it.

                                                                 HAWAIIAN HULA DANCE CLASS
                                                           MAHEALANI (INSTRUCTOR)

As a follow-up to my Hawaiian History and Culture presentation, I am doing a class in which you can learn to dance the hula.  The hula teaches you to be graceful and is easy and fun to learn.  

The class is 1 ½ hours long.  There is no minimum amount of students,but I would prefer a maximum of 15 students. The agenda is as follows:

*  Brief history of the hula and our music

*  Demonstration of hula instruments

*  History of the Hawaiian chants and demonstration of the ipu drum
 * See a brief portion of a video called the Merry Monarch.  This is the most important hula contest in the

    islands that takes place every March on the “Big Island”
 * Learn nine hula hand movements and 2 foot and body movements.  We will dance to one song together 

The cost is $180.00 plus the current government mileage rate that covers round trip miles plus tolls.  

If you are interested in this class or have questions contact me by filling out the CONTACT FORM and I will contact you ASAP.   I will do my best to accommodate the date you desire for this class.