A secluded view of Poipu Beach without the many cottages and condominiums that line its shore.  Both pictures are  from Kauai Images of the Garden Island.  Photographer is Douglas Peebles, who is a famous photographer in the islands.


The majority of Hawaii's taro is grown in this field.  The taro plant is a staple food and is still eaten today.  We call it "poi" and it looks like gray pudding.  Taro is a green vegetable, but turns gray if you boil it.  If not boiled it will keep the green color and looks like spinach.  Some tourists enjoy eating taro that is prepared in this way so give taro a try when you eat at a luau.



Important historical facts about this island are that it is the oldest of all the islands and it was the first island that Captain Cook visited.  I start my lecture be speaking about Captain Cook's discovery.  Another fact is that the first sugar cane plantation was started here.  I visited Kauai in 2014 and am happy to say that MANY PARTS ARE NOT MODERN.  The reason for this is that the government imposed rules that contractors must abide by.  For example, no hotel can be built any higher than a palm tree and all new buildings must be built at least 10 feet from the ocean front.  Kauai is called the Garden Island because it abounds in a profusion of tropical flowers.  Our state flower is the red hibiscus and it grows all over the island in a variety of colors.   Plan your visit for at least 3 to 4 days.

Listed below are some of the places for you to enjoy during your visit:

1)  Waimea Canyon - called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The canyon is 10 miles long and roughly a mile wide, and 3,600 feet deep.  There is vegetation growing from the trees.  It looks magnificent. 

2)  Hanalei Town - visit the Waioli Mission House and step back in history. See art and carvings made from rare native Hawaiian wood.  Inquire about the ukulele concerts held at the community center.

3)  Alakai Swamp - this is a dewy rainforest rising up from the Pacific Ocean.  Lush with green trees.

4)  Napali Coast - high surf during the winter months carve new imprints into the shore of the rugged coast.  

5) Kilauea Point & Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge - see the most diverse groups of seabirds including the red-tailed bobby, red tailed tropic bird and many others.  The endangered humpback whale can also be seen.

6) Pacific Tropical Botanical Gardens - see beautiful and interesting giant-sized lily pads. 

7) Kauai Made Store -  Sorry, but I don't know where this store is located.  The Kauai Made logo assures you that the product is made on Kauai, by Kauai's people, using Kauai's natural materials.  "Kauai made" offers a vast array of high-quality, authentic products, from food to unique crafts, jewelry, art and much more.