I took this picture while we were at the Germaine's Luau.  This is one of the most beautiful sunsets with the palm trees that I've ever seen.

I took this picture while enjoying Germaine's Luau with my family.  The beach will be behind you so be prepared to walk on the sand.  The hula show is fabulous and the food is delicious.   I highly recommend this luau and hula show which is located far from Waikiki in a town called Kapolei.   

Canoe with natives coming to visit another island.  This is one of the many slides that is shown in my lecture.  My slides are from pictures in the many Hawaiian calendars that I own.



Iolani Palace was the official residence of the Kingdom's last two monarchs.  King Kalakaua had the palace built in 1882.  After his death, his sister, Queen Lilioukalani became our last monarch.  The annexation of the Hawaiian Islands to America took place during her brief reign.  The capital of Hawaii is still in Oahu and all governmental affairs are conducted here.  Oahu has the largest population of all eight islands.

Listed below are some of the places for you to enjoy during your visit:

1) Iolani Palace, Coronation Pavilion and the Barracks - guided tour inside the palace will teach you about our governmental history.  See a video at the Barracks.  Visit a historical church and the Mission House across the street. 

2) Polynesian Cultural Center - learn about Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji, Philippines and other islands in the Pacific Rim.  See a hula show and canoe show.  Lunch is served.  You will be educated about these islands and enjoy yourself.

3) Pearl Harbor and Arizona Memorial

4) Bishop Museum - excellent museum that teaches us about the history of our royalty, immigration of many races,

    short plays that depict a special event in history and much more.  Allow at least 2 hours if you want to see it all.

5) Waikiki Aquarium - It is a small, but very good aquarium for children.

6) Sea Life Park  - see dolphins, large turtles and more.  Swim at the beach that is directly across the street.

7) The Children's Touch and See Museum - all kinds of fun and educational activities for children  .

Special events take place at various times during the year.  Check for the exact date/time with your travel agent:

  •      King Kamehameha Day Parade - takes place in June on all the islands.  Purpose of the parade is to honor  
  •       the birth of our first king.  All islands plan special events. The king's history is an important part of my lecture.
  •      Moanaloa Garden's Hula Festival - read about this program under the tab called, The Hawaiian Hula.
  •     Germaine's Luau in Kapolei​ - I went to this traditional luau where you can watch how the Hawaiian food.  I       
  •     think it is better than luaus that are offered at the hotels.  Check for luaus held in other towns.
  •     Aloha Week Parade -  this is held in September on the island of Oahu.